How to Manage Balance like a Boss

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, want-to-preneur or somewhere in between, burnout is real and never timely. This is why establishing a method for maintaining balance is necessary.

If you dropped into our office on any given day you will likely hear the phrase, “We want to see you win.” What makes helping our clients and even each other is possible? Balance.

Balance before burnout is what keeps us accessible to our clients at almost any given moment, yet able to step away from our devices on our scheduled days off. So far it’s been working for us and we want to share so it can also work for you.

First, grab your favorite planning tool for keeping track of your day - digital or print. Got it? Perfect!

Now here are three quick tips to help you manage balance like a boss:

  1. Schedule

    Gather all of the schedules that matter to you and jot them down. Start with your work schedule. If you’re self-employed or freelance, note your business hours and stick to them. Even creatives need rest so toss out the notion (and guilt) that you must fill every space and wake with your pen in hand. Whether it’s nine to five or you’re most productive between four in the morning and noon, mark the days you’re working. This is also a good time to start a color coding or symbol system so tasks stand out at a glance. If you’re not in the habit of enjoying your days off, mark those days so they stand out until the habit sets in. If Saturday and Sunday are your off days, honor that and others will, too. Don’t forget your personal appointments: doctors, self-care, dates and days for relaxing (we’re serious!).

    Next, add other family members’ calendars. This could include your spouse’s travel or kids’ school calendar and extracurricular appointments. Make note of all special occasions, events, and appointments. This is a good time to add any vet schedules, vehicle and home maintenance, and bills.

  2. Priorities

    You may need a sheet of paper for this or can rattle off the list easily, but either way, list your priorities in order. Allow them to help you shape your schedule and set the course for what’s to come. Don’t forget these two important things: block time for what matters to you and be present.

    If a task no longer fits in your schedule, find out if you can reschedule, outsource or cancel.

  3. Goals

    Grab another sheet of paper and jot down all of your goals, breaking them down (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily). Transfer those goals and timeframe to your calendar. We have faith in you and believe you’re going to celebrate on each of these days.

StrategyTia Kelly