Coming Up Next | The Heart of Things with J.L. Campbell

Author J.L. Campbell is joining The Hive and we have an audio sneak peek into J.L.’s novel The Heart of Things.

About The Heart of Things
After a year-long, Jamaica-Miami romance, Douglas Blythe succeeds in putting a ring on Khalila Skyers's finger. Though gun-shy, Khalila is willing to marry Douglas, under one condition. She wants a baby.

Doug can't go back on his promise to give her anything she wants, but sees trouble on the horizon with two teenage girls, a hectic business schedule, a devious ex-wife, plus a household turned upside down by a baby he doesn't want.

Their commitment to each other is unquestionable, but will this couple's differences bind them together...or force them apart?

About J.L. Campbell
J.L. Campbell is an award-winning Jamaican author who has written over thirty books. She writes contemporary and sweet romance, romantic suspense, women's fiction, as well as new and young adult novels. 

Campbell, who features Jamaican culture in her stories, is fascinated with the island's flora and has hundreds of photos in her collection. She is a certified editor and also writes non-fiction.

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